About Us

Zartner Technology was founded in April 2012 with the intention of offering Software Development Services and Products to the South African Small to Medium Enterprises. The company is 100% black owned and comprises of a team of 9 individuals.

Upon our founding we soon realized that IT is major enabler to business and that our services and products play a large role in helping businesses realize, release and stretch their potential. This resulted in us coming up with our slogan which is “Stretch Your Potential”.

We have since helped numerous organisations stretch their potential through our product and service offerings.

Our core strengths include:
  • Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis
  • Software Development using Microsoft Technologies
  • Project Management
  • Graphics Design and Animation
  • Public Relations, Social Media and Marketing

We have also invested an extensive amount of time brainstorming, conceptualizing and implementing our own products which are intended to address specific needs across the African continent. These needs range from Effective Service Delivery, Property Management and the Online Retailing of Lifestyle Products.

Lastly we see Africa as a frontier that needs our utmost attention and dedication for stretching potential. As a result, we are open to doing business across the entire continent and hope that our service and product offering is sufficient to meet requirements that are originated anywhere on our continent. We have the capacity and capabilities to deliver on Web Driven Software Application Development Projects across the continent.