IT Capacity Development and Consultation

At Zartner Technology, we understand that IT Capacity in the form of Human Resources is critical for any growing organization.

Most companies which have an IT requirement are good at their core business but not good at the business of software development or software developer recruitment and retention.
Zartner Technology may help your business in this area with our expertise and skills in It capacity development and consulting

In most cases, our client organisations do not have the appetite nor requirement to maintain an in-house fulltime software development resource pool. As such, we offer a human resourcing service whereby we assist our client organisations on a contractual basis within a given time frame with the aim of growing the client organisations IT capabilities and capacity by leveraging off our own human resource capabilities and capacity. This can be in the form of continuous software development projects which are aimed at delivering specific and yet ongoing value for the client organisation for a fixed period while also operationalising certain aspects of the project output with the client. This in essence means that our client organisations will enter into an agreement with Zartner where we become their IT service provider on a dedicated basis within a predefined duration to help address specific IT requirements within the client organisation.
This service has proven to be highly critical in instances where our client organisations are experiencing tremendous growth or service delivery bottlenecks which require consistent IT human resources to maintain or manage. We then partner up with the client organisation on the basis of services rendered and address specific requirements as identified and listed by the client organization. As part of our IT Capacity Development and Consultation service offering, we are able to assess the capacity requirements of the client organization on the basis of the following:
  • The client organisations operational setup
  • The client organisations IT requirement
  • The extent of the capabilities and capacity required
  • The relative cost for accessing such capacity
  • The agreed delivery time frame
We then enter into a retainer agreement with the client organization and offer our ongoing services to the client as per our IT Capacity Development and Consultation agreement.