Strategic Solutions And Partnering

With the Software Solutions Partnering service, Zartner Technology looks for strategic partnerships with well-established organisations which offer a specific product or service in an industry that can benefit a lot from the use of information technology.

Zartner Technology generally initiates the partnership’s based on our vision for the types of markets within which we choose to operate and the types of problems we choose to solve using our core technologies. We then propose an envisioned product to the potential partner organisation as part of our due diligence.

The product will usually require the efforts of both Zartner Technology and the intended partner organisation for development and market release. The intended partner organisation is usually selected on the basis of a number of factors such as; position in a given market, expertise, track record and ability to win over clients for the proposed product. Once a potential partner is identified and approached, Zartner Technology will enter into a partnership agreement with the organisation.The partnership agreement will include aspects such as division of labor, division of responsibilities, division of profit, and intellectual property ownership.
Once the due diligence is complete, the intended organisation will work with Zartner Technology to develop the scoped product, and then take the product to market. The cost of development incurred by both organisations as well as other costs such as marketing will determine the unit price per product sold. Zartner Technology also uses existing products from our “Own Product Software Applications catalogue” as the basis for entering into additional Software Solutions Partnership agreements.