Custom Software Development

At Zartner Technology, we understand that all companies are unique and thus have distinct internal processes and systems.

There are various factors which contribute to the unique nature of most organizations such as geographical points of presence, operational business model, the structure of the organization, industry type and more. This being the case, most organisations require software applications and systems in order to operate in an effective manner. Generally, companies opt for off the shelf solutions, which tend to address some of their needs and requirements at an affordable cost.

These systems, however, can be limiting as they are very generic in nature. With our customer software development service, we offer companies of all sizes the opportunity to define their specific requirement and to further use our services to develop these requirements into a unique software solution in the form of either a Web, Mobile or Desktop Software Application. The Zartner Technology Custom Software Development Service is broken down into numerous phases for ease of application. The first phase is requirements gathering and analysis. At this point, we collect as much of our client’s system needs as is possible. This helps us understand our client’s requirements and the potential system which we will be building for the client. The next phase is the design phase. At this point we produce a design of the system on the bases of the requirements gathered.
The client will be presented with an architectural design of the system which they will need to sign-off in order to approve the commencement of the implementation of the system. Once the design is approved, we will then commence with the implementation phase. During the implementation phase, we will create the system as per the agreed design. We follow the agile approach which allows us to release features of the system in an incremental and iterative manner. This allows us to produce value for our clients swiftly with every incremental release. The last phase is the user acceptance testing. This is the phase where our client will test each and every released feature for acceptance. This will generally be conducted in line with the client’s initial requirement and the signed off design.