Our Vision

Our vision is to effectively apply our core Web-driven software application development capabilities in conjunction with our non-core supporting capabilities to expand to full length the position or state of all our stakeholders in order to help them harness their energies and realize their full potential. We simply want to help stretch Africa’s potential through the effective use of Information Technology!

Core Values


Innovation is about coming up with new ideas. Our Zartner staff is empowered to innovate because we value and nurture new ideas. And all Zartner staff play a part in creating an environment that is conducive to innovation. Ideas are the bridge between logic and magic, and because of this we are not afraid to ask, “Why?”.


Growth is an inherent human quality. From arriving on earth we start growing both physically and mentally. At Zartner, we believe that growth is at the core of our business and our customers business. This is exemplified in the growth of our client services, our employees, our products and services as well as the trust we are creating with all our stakeholders.


Everything that we do revolves around trust. We trust each other as a company and hence we continue to deliver good results collectively because of the trust we have as a group. Trust is transferable and the more we trust each other is the more our clients will trust us. We trust ourselves to deliver and this has translated to the trust our customers have in us.


Continuity is the gift that has allowed us to remain in business since our inception in 2012. Zartner Technology has had to continuously adopt to change in order to remain operational. We have also had to remain strong in unfavorable circumstances as well as cautious in uncertain times in order to make decisions and choices that are favorable to our existence as an organization. We have adopted a strong belief in proper change management which allows us to assess every potential change against the whole and thus foster a systems thinking approach.


Zartner has adopted a transformative approach to keep up with the ever changing world within which we operate. We believe that peoples potentials need constant transforming too! At Zartner we continually strive to find new ways to “stretch potential”; which includes the potential of our employees, our clients, our partners and the communities within which we operate. The stretching of potential is achieved in part by adopting the transformative mind set.


Pride begins with taking pride in what you do. At Zartner every contribution to a client and our own business is done with pride. We do this because it is about having a proud sense of belonging and contribution to a great company, a caring and diverse community and a miraculous country. We ascribe to Pride in a positive sense and not mean to be boastful or arrogant.