Own Product Development

The Zartner Technology own product development service is our answer to addressing the common requirements which exist amongst our various intended foreplanned targeted client organisations.

We understand that most organisations have similar requirements resulting from a number of factors such as industry type, nature of business operations, and more. We have created and continue to create applications which are intended to service these organisations in a cost effective manner.

Our applications are built in such a way that they are not specific to any individual organisation and thus remove the cost of developing and maintaining such applications from any individual client organisation. Zartner Technology has instead created an environment in which all our targeted clients are able to share in the cost of developing, maintaining, marketing and hosting the respective application. The cost is only incurred after the application is created and we thus take the risk of producing the application upfront.
We also outright own the intellectual property for such applications as the requirements are developed internally. In essence, we initially cost our applications on the bases of the labour and material required to produce the application. We then assess the pool of our potential future client base for the application and divide the total cost across the client base in order to recoup the cost incurred while adding a moderate but reasonable profit margin. Any clients that purchases any one of our own product software applications is thus sharing in the combined cost of producing the product with all our other own product clients.