This is some of our work

Service IQ

ServiceIQ is our flagship own product software application which is currently under continuous development and improvement. The software product was initiated with a focus on addressing Business to Business challenges for small, medium and large organisations.


Linkage or e-Linkage is a supplier development portal which was commissioned by Zevoli Consulting Pty Ltd. The portal consists of a web frontend and admin backend. Zevoli approached Zartner Technology in late 2015 with a request to automate its process of sourcing, developing and managing suppliers to service their growing client base.


Zartner Technology was contracted to design the Website and online administration portal for Compound Security. Compound is a 250 person organisation, with 90% of the resources serving as security guards across over 40 client locations.


Phulo OD is a service provider within the organisational development space helping government institutions manage and structure their human resources. Phulo contracted Zartner to build an online portal which will allow them to develop the organisational structure for its clients.