Linkage or e-Linkage is a supplier development portal which was commissioned by Zevoli Consulting Pty Ltd. The portal consists of a web frontend and admin backend. Zevoli approached Zartner Technology in late 2015 with a request to automate its process.

Zevoli Consulting is a black woman owned advisory and project management firm which focuses on BBBEE advisory and Enterprise & Supplier development. It is a level one BBBEE Contributor with the revised BBBEE Codes of Good Practice. It will provide the advisory, implementation and project management in respect with the database clean-up of existing clients and the sourcing and verification of new service providers.

The e-Linkage system will allow clients to attract suitable suppliers electronically while following a set number of steps that ensure that the most suitable suppliers are sourced for every proposal that the client issues. Note that the client will start by issuing an expression of interest through the e-Linkage Admin users before an RFP can be issued. The utility of the e-Linkage system consists of the following steps:
  • Registration of Clients
  • Submission of an “Expression of Interest” by e-Linkage Admin Users
  • The registration of suppliers with the aim to submit an interests
  • Submission of Interest by suppliers
  • Short listing of suppliers (Approval or Rejection of interests)
  • Submission of RFP by Client on the bases of the short listings received
  • Submission of proposals by the suppliers shortlisted against the RFP
  • Appointment of a supplier by approving one proposal from the lot submitted